AOS 2.19.14


This version of AuterionOS comes bundled with the following APX4 release:

Please use the following version, or newer, of Auterion Mission Control with this version of AOS:

What's new

  • Added a new category of default app: system apps

    • Added a new default system app: video2ros. It takes an RTPS stream from the payload as input and publishes it in ROS2. The system app will be accessible via the Skynode web page for configuration.

  • Default apps are now overridable. A default app can be up- or downgraded via the web UI or auterion-cli and, unlike defaults, overriden apps are removable. Once the overridden app is removed, the factory default version is reinstalled on the next boot.

  • Introduced a compatibility check for the version of AMC in use. The minimum version compatible for AOS v2.19.14 is AMC 1.26.8.


  • Added Sony LX1 support

What improved


  • Sony cameras: fixed focus to infinity

  • PPK: improved matching between capture events and images from camera

  • USB cameras: fix camera name that is displayed in AMC

  • Optimized photo storage on external USB stick. Depending on the usb stick write speed there could be situations where the photo storage would slow down the rest of the payload operations.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the payload to never be detected after a brief payload disconnection

  • PPK: prevent writing the same capture event twice in the Rinex file


  • Fixed issue that prevented radio IPs from getting automatically configured using DHCP. This was affecting some radio setups that leverage the DHCP server inside the radio to assign an IP to the Skynode ethernet interface

  • Fixed various issues around default app installation:

    • Uncaught command error that would cause default apps to reinstall on every boot

    • Apps would sometimes be sorted for install before the app base they depend on

    • The apps API would sometimes initialize late in the boot process, causing default apps to get erroneously reinstalled

  • Fixed issue that would occasionally cause the device to lose its Suite registration status

  • Fixed issue with the local web UI that would cause it to freeze when interacting with apps

  • Separated the app name and app author fields in the web UI

  • Notify AMC if the Skynode SIM card in use is suspended

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