Auterion Suite

Auterion Suite is a web application that allows you to monitor every detail of your drone fleet, operations and pilots in real time, on a laptop or tablet.

To start using Auterion Suite your company must first sign up for an account.

The Suite allows quick access to a wide variety of features and data to support any business role.

Program managers can use the Dashboard to monitor fleet health and KPIs, while the Operations team can use it for deeper dives into recent flights and safety issues.

Developers can launch cloud-hosted simulations of Auterion Enterprise PX4 and then connect using Auterion Mission Control.

Pilots can review their vehicles and flights.

Security and compliance officers can quickly verify a program's compliance and download reports.

This tooling is available to everyone using the Auterion Suite and is designed to support the above roles, as well as cross-functional teams.

See our website for more information about Auterion Suite in the Enterprise

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