Doodle Labs Data Link

The Doodle Labs Data Link is not included in the Skynode Evaluation Kit and needs to be acquired separately.

Doodle Labs mini-OEM Mesh Rider® Radio

Doodle Labs mini-OEM is supported by AuterionOS 2.12.8 and later. Please refer to the official mini-OEM documentation on how to connect and configure the radios.

The subsequent documentation requires firmware version 2023 05.01 LTS on the Doodle Labs mini-OEM:

Configuring the Air Unit and Skynode

  1. Set the following environment variable on Skynode. Please refer to our section about environment varaibles for details about how to change environment variables on Skynode. Once this is done, power-cycle Skynode to apply the new configuration.


In case you want or need to have custom settings for your Doodle Labs Radio Link, the variables to set are the following:


Configuring the Ground Unit and the Ground Station

  1. Power off the radio and connect it to the Ground Station via Ethernet.

  2. Set the IP of the Ground Station to static and set it to

  3. Open AMC

In case you want or need to have custom settings for your Doodle Labs Radio Link, set the Encryption key, the Network ID and the Pairing Channel accordingly.

Doodle Labs Pairing

After everything has been configured and wired, Skynode can be connected to AMC through the Doodle Labs Radio Link. The connection is managed by AMC.

  1. Power Skynode, the Doodle Labs Air Unit, the Ground Station and the Doodle Labs Ground Unit. Wait until everything has fully booted.

  2. Open AMC in Fly View (default).

  3. NOTE: If the pair vehicle icon is not present, select menu > Settings > General, and then select the checkbox: Use Connection Manager. The “Connect to vehicle” button should appear.

  4. Once the vehicle is connected, Auterion Mission Control will:

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