APX4 3.0.8

What improved

Changes compared to APX4 3.0.5

  • EKF2: add yaw align event such that operator is notified correctly about aligned or not aligned estimator yaw before takeoff.

  • Add Skynode Lite support

  • Commander: set correct health component when reporting errors, such that they end up in the correct group when reporting them to the operator.

  • FW Position Controller: allow to run Altitude mode without valid z reference.

    • Reported issue: invalid controller outputs in fixed-wing Altitude mode until GNSS signal is received or absolute position is initialized through other ways.

  • Commander: add check for 5V over voltage

  • Commander: fix notification for 5V over current

  • Enable SIH on Skynode X

  • Commander: make sure to count all valid magnetometers in preflight check.

    • Reported issue: if a magnetometers was not required (not index 0 and not used by EKF2), it was not counted.

  • bsondump: add check if BSON document size is set to zero and set to decoded size.

    • Reported issue: The mtd_caldata is 0 when it was calibrated with an old version of PX4, and thus the calibration data used to be ignored.

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