Skynode Rev 11 (Jan 2022)

Customers of the Skynode reference design get notified of upcoming changes while the changes are in beta phase, to allow for more timely adoption. A more detailed technical description of the change implementation is provided to those customers as well. In case you are interested in this service, please contact

Affected Assemblies

Part numberOld revNew revItem

A000002 900-00005 900-00018



Skynode Enterprise (NA/EMEA/no-LTE)

900-00008 900-00009



Skynode OEM (NA/EMEA)

900-00011 900-00012



Skynode Government (NA/no-LTE)








  • MIPI and PPB flat-ribbon connectors have been exchanged with a pin-compatible less fragile part

  • Removed CAN bus termination on Skynode. Now Skynode adheres to the CAN standard, where the user is required to terminate the lines at the end of the bus

  • New implementation of RTC circuit, increasing shelf-life to approximately a decade

  • PPS signal added to the GPS1. On Skynode, it is brought out on J4-17. Pixhawk Adapter Board A000036-06 changed accordingly: GPS connector size increased to 11 positions, PPS is on pin 6

  • Added latching circuit to keep the ethernet switch powered in case of a power failure on the SOM

  • RC input now supports PPM

  • Current limit for SOM was tightened to 1.5A

  • Added ESD protection on USB-C

  • USB-C handshaking with MacBooks works more reliably now

  • Revision of base board was incremented; now the EEPROM will contain the board rev

  • Removed the unconnected CS2 and DRDy2 from SPI connector on FC IO Secondary breakout board, shrunk SPI connector to 9 pin

  • Minor ESD hardening measures

  • Minor internal component replacements to achieve extended temperature range and adapt to component availability


The evaluation kit will be updated in sync, a new GPS module with PPS support will be included as well as the according breakout boards.

A000036-05 (Pixhawk Adapter Board) and A000037-03 (Pixhawk Payload Bus breakout board) can be used with the Skynode revision 11, but the CAN bus needs to be terminated externally.

A000036-06 (Pixhawk Adapter Board) and A000037-04 (Pixhawk Payload Bus breakout board) should not be used with the Skynode revision 09.

To use the Freefly RTK GPS with A000036-06 (Pixhawk Adapter Board), a custom cable will need to be made to fit the new pinout of the GPS1 connector.


Skynode revision 11 starts shipping in January 2022.


This revision is only compatible with AuterionOS 2.4.2 and later

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