Peripheral Actuator Control API

Header <auterion_sdk/control/common/peripheral_actuator_controls.hpp>

Auterion SDK provides an interface to control independent/generic actuators of the vehicle, that is, actuators which do not control the vehicle's motion or hardware that is not directly integrated with PX4, such as a payload servo. The control interface allows to set the value of up to 6 independent actuators, provided first that the outputs are configured as Actuator Set x.

Set peripheral actuator values

Instantiate an auterion::PeripheralActuatorControls object by passing your auterion::SDK instance:

auterion::PeripheralActuatorControls peripheral_actuator_controls(sdk);

Set your configured actuators to their desired state (in range [-1, 1]) using the set(...) method:

// Set values for actuators 0-2, ignore actuators 3-5
Eigen::Matrix<float, 6, 1> params{-1.F, -.2F, .5F, NAN, NAN, NAN};

Alternatively, set(...) is overloaded to set the value of a specific actuator:

float param_value = 0.1F;  // range [-1, 1]
unsigned int actuator_index = 2;    // range [0, numActuators), numActuators = 6
peripheral_actuator_controls.set(param_value, actuator_index);

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