Pre-install Applications

Applications can be packaged into AuterionOS and therefore pre-installed on your vehicles


Custom applications have the capability to interact with the flight controller and therefore can have severe impact on the vehicle's safety and performance.

Include apps in AuterionOS

In case you have your own applications for AuterionOS, you can add your built app artifact (eg: myapp.auterionos) to the directory auterion-developer-tools/apps. All applications in this directory will be automatically injected into your AuterionOS image when using the basic make package-update command. Once the modified AuterionOS is installed onto your deice, the apps will be automatically installed as well.

The following make-command for the auterion developer tools builds AuterionOS and includes custom apps:

make package-update version=my-version artifactPath=<AEPX4 Release>.auterionos

Exclude apps from AuterionOS

If there are applications stored in auterion-developer-tools/apps and that should not be included in the custom AuterionOS image, the injection can disabled with the argument skipApps=1 when running the command packaging command. For example:

make package-update skipApps=1 version=my-version artifactPath=<AEPX4 Release>.auterionos

You can learn more about developing applications in the Developer Documentation.

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