Getting started

This documentation guides you through the integration of Auterion avionics into your own airframe.

Hardware Overview

Vehicle Integration Process

Before starting the integration process make sure that you followed the Quickstart guide listed above for the product you want to integrate.

  1. Discover the sensors needed to operate the desired vehicle: Required Sensors

  2. Wire up Skynode to your vehicle by following the guide: Wiring Skynode to the Vehicle

  3. Configure and set up the Actuators in Software: Actuators Setup

  4. Configure and calibrate the sensors in Software: Sensors Setup

  5. Perform a Bench Test

  6. Perform the first flight test and Tuning

  7. Learn how to save parameters, Airframe Configurations, Environment variables and apply them to your fleet by using the OEM Tools: Creating Airframe Configurations for APX4

Additional resources

If you want to learn more about advanced options and software customization explore the following chapters:

Advanced Airframe IntegrationFlight controller customizationAuterionOS Customization

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