Dynamics in Body Frame

Related C++ Header in the Auterion SDK:<auterion_sdk/control/control.hpp>

Body Frame Dynamics Mode allows you to control a Multicopter by supplying acceleration and velocity setpoints to the controller in the vehicle's body frame.

Set up mode

In order to prepare your flight mode to accept BodyFrameDynamicsSetpoint, you need to supply the auterion::multicopter::BodyFrameDynamicsSetpoint::Config object to your mode constructor like so:

auterion::Mode my_mode(sdk, "My Mode", {

Create setpoints

BodyFrameDynamicsSetpoint setpoints take velocity, acceleration, heading and heading rate as arguments. The acceleration and velocity values, if specified together, should be kinematically consistent.

To create a setpoint, you can use the builder pattern like so:

auto setpoint = auterion::multicopter::BodyFrameDynamicsSetpoint{}
    .withHorizontalAcceleration({a_x, a_y})
    .withHorizontalVelocity({v_x, v_y})

Also any subset of these values is permitted. In order to make the drone follow your setpoints, return these setpoints in the onUpdateSetpoint callback method of your mode.

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