Manage the Suite plan and settings for the entire company

At this time the only settings available are for Administrators

Suite Administration includes control of:

Billing & Usage

Manage plans, seats, the billing credit card, and the general Suite subscription


The Plans section allows the current plan to be viewed and changed.

Please take note that:

  • Upgrading a plan will immediately upgrade the account and bill the registered card.

  • Downgrading the plan will immediately credit the account and step down to a lower plan.

  • Canceling a paid plan is done by downgrading to Basic

Each plan provides an overview of the features you will activate with your subscription. Upgrading to a paid plans requires a card to be on file.


Set and modify the credit card used for monthly payment of your subscription. This card can be changed at any time. Companies using the Suite with custom pricing or invoice-based pricing will not have the ability to set a credit card.

All payment processing and credit card information is securely handled by Stripe.


Review the current number of seats you have in your plan, the current number of seats being used, and modify the number of seats in your plan.

The total monthly bill is equal to the monthly rate * the number of seats purchased

API Key Management

Documentation of the API methods and availability can be found at


To create a new API Key:

  1. Navigate to Administration and select the API Keys tab

  2. Click the "Add API Key" button

  3. Optionally add a name Note: Names do not impact the functionality of the key, but make it easier to the intent of a key.

  4. Create the key

Once a key is created, you will be shown the following dialog. This is the only time that the full key will be viewable, but new keys can be created at any time.

Deleting/Deactivating Keys

Click the "Delete API Key" button on an individual API Key. The key will be immediately deactivated and the API will reject any further requests made with that key.

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