AOS 2.3.0


Please ensure to use Auterion Mission Control v1.12 or newer:

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What’s new

  • Support for Nextvision Colibri2 and Nighthawk2 through the Nextvision TRIP2 computer. This includes camera controls and gimbal controls for video streaming, object tracking, definitions of ROI, among other options and parameters.

  • Support KLV encoding with the Trillium HD40.

  • Support for ROS (Robot Operating System) 2 application development. AuterionOS now contains the infrastructure to allow the development of robotics applications using ROS 2.

  • Support for target tracking for payloads in the Auterion’s simulation environment. For some specific models, now one can use the tracking capabilities together with AMC.

What improved

  • Automatic supported payload detection. This allows to easy plug and unplug of the cameras without the need of manual configuration.

  • Updated MicroHard radio settings for better performance.

  • Allowed nudging in a ROI using the Trillium HD40.

  • EO and IR zoom levels are now coupled for the Trillium HD40.

  • On the Photo Gallery, when in "Preview" view, only allow to download selected photos.

  • All supported payloads were moved to the latest software interface.

Bug fixes

  • Services using MAVSDK instances with onboard component IDs exponentially increasing the number of heartbeats sent.

  • Snapshot in IR mode sometimes not working on the Trillium HD40.

  • Possible deadlock during connection of the Trillium HD40.

  • Vehicle pairing sometimes not happening or becoming unstable.

  • UVC video streaming high latency.

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