Workswell Wiris Pro

This section describes how to set up the Workswell Wiris Pro with Skynode. Please refer to this page for wiring instructions and this page for specifics about the Pixhawk Payload Bus.

What you will need for this step

  • Skynode Enterprise (powered as described in Power Skynode)

  • Pixhawk Payload Bus (connected as described in Pixhawk Payload Bus)

  • Microhard Air Unit (optional - connected as described in Data Link Module)

  • Workswell Wiris Pro (not included in the kit)

  • RJ45 Ethernet cable (not included in the kit)

  • Monitor with HDMI input (not included in the kit)

  • HDMI cable (not included in the kit)

  • USB keyboard (not included in the kit)

Supported features

  • Full control of the payload from AMC

    • Photo triggering

      • Can be stored in external USB drive, Wiri's internal SSD or both

    • Video recording

      • Can only be stored in Wiri's internal SSD

  • Video stream directly to AMC

  • Configurable settings

    • EO or IR video stream

    • In IR mode: various colors palettes

Update your Wiris Pro to the 1.6.42 firmware version if the camera is on an older version. All previous versions are not supported by Auterion OS. Workswell fimrware can be downloaded from here by creating an account and registering the S/N from your camera. Instructions on how to see the current version and how to update can be found in the Workswell documentation.

Setup Block Diagram

The Workswell Wiris can be interfaced with Skynode via Ethernet using the RJ45 connector on the Pixhawk Payload bus. The Microhard Air Unit module connection slightly changes the first steps of the configuration.

IP Settings with Microhard Air Unit module connected

The default Microhard DHCP server will assign an IP address in the range - to Skynode, therefore the IP of the Workswell Wiris should be changed to an IP outside this range, such as

IP Settings without Microhard Air Unit module connected

In this case, there is no DHCP server that will assign an IP to Skynode, therefore you need to set a static IP, such as Then you should anyway change the IP address of the Workswell Wiris to be in the same network as Skynode, such as

  • Login into Skynode via SSH

  • Create the file /data/override.env

  • Add the following environment variable

  • Reboot Skynode

Configure FTP Settings on Skynode

In order for AuterionOS to talk to the camera it needs to know the FTP username and password of the camera. The username is always wiris-pro while the passwordis by default your license key. If you want to change your password, follow the steps highlighted in section Configure FTP Password.

Add the following environmental variables to /data/override.env and replace the password between the double quotes with the actual data (leave username as is).


Workswell Wiris Manual Settings

First of all, to enable the Wiris SDK over Ethernet you will need to buy an SDK license from Workswell: this will result in a license key.

To insert it, you will need to connect the camera via Ethernet to your laptop and then follow these instructions. First of all, give your laptop a static IP in the same range as the default Workswell Wiris one, for example

Then, follow these steps:

  • Open a telnet console to the camera on port 2240. On Linux this can be done with the following command

telnet 2240
  • Now you can check if the camera is already activated with the following command

  • If the previous command returns FALSE, you will need to activate it with the following command


Your Workswell Wiris is now ready to be configured and then connected to Skynode.

To access the camera settings, you need to connect the Workswell Wiris to a screen via HDMI and then connect a keyboard to it via USB. Turn on the camera and follow these steps to set the IP:

  • Go to Advanced

  • Go to System

  • Change the static IP from to

Now you can connect the camera to Skynode via Ethernet on the Pixhawk Payload Bus and Skynode will automatically detect the payload and expose video and controls in AMC.

Configure FTP Password on Camera

Connect a display via HDMI to your camera and attach a usb keyboard as well.

In the left tool strip select Advanced and navigate to Ethernet SDK Protocol

Select Save New FTP Password

Enter the new password into the dialog and confirm.

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