Create cloud-hosted Auterion Enterprise PX4 Simulations

Simulations make it easy to create cloud-hosted simulations of Auterion Enterprise PX4 for use in Auterion Mission Control. To get started, you'll need to:

  1. Wait for it to boot

You may also be interested in managing a simulation.

Create a Simulation

  1. From the Simulations page, click "Start Simulation"

  2. Enter the details of the simulation you wish to create

    • Name: Optional identification for the list

    • Vehicle: Iris | if750A | Vector

    • World: Baylands | McMillan Airfield

    • TTL: Total time to live, after which the simulation is deleted. This includes simulation start time.

  3. Press **"**OK" to start the simulation

In a few seconds the simulation will show up in the list and will begin creation. When the simulation status is listed as Running, it is available for and you can connect to it from Auterion Mission Control. Simulations take 3-5 minutes to launch after creation.

Connect to a Simulation

Auterion Mission Control can connect to a Running simulation using the listed IP Address and Port found in the IP column.

To connect to a simulation:

  1. Open Auterion Mission Control

  2. Wait for AMC to connect, and start using the simulation!

If the process works, you should see the header change from Waiting for connection to showing the connected vehicle like below:

  1. In AMC, open Settings > Comm Links

  2. Press Add to start creating a new link

  3. Set the Type as TCP.

  4. Set the Host Address and TCP Port to the values in the IP column in the Suite ex: --> IP and Port 5790

  5. Enter any name

  6. Review the link settings. The link configuration may look like the image below:

  7. Press OK to save the new link.

  1. Select the link in the Settings > Comm Link window

  2. Press Connect to use the link

Managing a Simulation

  • Simulations automatically expire and close when the TTL ends. No actions have to be done to clean up old simulations.

  • Simulations that are Running can be restarted by pressing the Restart button. There may be a slight delay so please be patient. The simulation will go through the restart process and will return to the Running status within a minute.

  • Simulations can also be stopped early by pressing the Stop button. The simulation will remain in the list until the time expires, but will be stopped immediately. This action is irreversible.

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