For development purposes, AI Node can be connected via dedicated Debug Micro USB port, as described below

USB Network Connection

Additionally, a debug serial console is exposed to the user, as described in the following section

Serial Debug Connection


By default, AI Node's Ethernet0 is assigned static IP which can also be used for development purposes. Keep in mind, that in case of custom network configuration as described below, this IP may change

There are multiple ways to setup connection between Skynode and AI Node. Before you get started, make sure that you have correctly wired AI Node to Skynode.

In case of simple connection between devices as well as internet sharing to AI Node, Skynode can be configured as router for AI Node:

Internet sharing with Skynode

In case both AI Node and Ethernet based radio (Eg. Microhard) are to be used, AI Node may be configured as bridge, and connection will then be as Skynode-AI Node-Microhard:

AI Node as Network Bridge

In case where only reason for network connection is to have internet access for developing purposes, AI Node can be connected to any router via ethernet port, or (via USB to Ethernet adapter) USB Type C port:

Standalone Internet Access

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