A concise overview of fleet health, operations, and performance

Tips for Success

  1. Change the time-frame for the metrics in the top right corner.

  2. Hover over the graphs for more information.

What's here?

The Dashboard provides an overview of all fleet health and operations in the given time period. All graphs show the current time period, while the % change indicators compare the current time period to the previous time period. (Hint: All Time does not have % change)

When reading these graphs, please keep in mind the following definitions:

  • A healthy flight is one that did not report a Critical flight status

  • A compliant flight is one where the pilot completed the Pre-Flight Checklist

  • An active vehicle is one that was armed in the selected time period

When exploring the most common failures, please be aware that this is an analysis of the most common reasons a flight was marked as Critical. This is a reflection of the flight analytics, and should be used to determine common failure cases so that they can be avoided.

Metrics Explained

Fleet Health

Given a time range (default 3 months), fleet health is the percentage of flights that did not fail.

%↑ or %↓ is percentage change in the fleet health compared to a prior time window of the same size. The previous window may be smaller than the current window if data does not exist that far back in time.

Number of Flights/Time/Distance

Cumulative values for a given time range are compared to the first value in the prior time range. These numbers include all flights, both success and failure.

%↑ or %↓ is calculated using the difference between first value in the prior time series and the current cumulative value. This is percent increase or decrease.

Active Vehicles

Number of vehicles used in a current time range / the number of vehicles that are not archived.

If archived vehicles are flow, the active vehicle percentage may be greater than 100%.

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