This page describes how to connect and set up a SIYI MK15 GCS with Skynode

This guide refers to SIYI MK15 units directly sold by Auterion. When using a third-party reseller unit, the correct integration with Skynode and Auterion Mission Control (AMC) cannot be guaranteed due to possible firmware and hardware discrepancies. If you are encountering connection issues when using third-party reseller units follow the Software setup with AMC 1.18 or older.

The SIYI MK15 is fully supported starting with AuterionOS 2.10.2 and Auterion Mission Control 1.19.1. If you are running an older version, please update before proceeding with these instructions.

It is possible to connect the SIYI MK15 also with earlier versions of AMC. In order to do that, a slightly different Software setup is needed. Refer to: Software Setup (AMC 1.18 or earlier)

Hardware setup

Air unit

  1. Attach the antennas

  2. Use the provided power module of the air unit and plug it straight into the Auterion power module.\

  3. Use the green/white Ethernet cable from the SIYI kit to connect the air unit’s left-most 8-pin connector to Skynode’s ethernet port (J7)\

  4. To connect S.BUS, use the 2-wire yellow/black cable from the SIYI kit to connect the air unit’s rightmost connector to Skynode’s S.BUS input J16 on the primary breakout board (top).

IMPORTANT: This cable is not symmetric! On Skynode’s side, the black wire is on the rightmost side, on the air unit the black wire is in the middle!

Ground unit

  1. Attach the antennas if they aren’t already

  2. To turn the controller on, use the DJI-style turn-on sequence: short press followed by long press

  3. Auterion Mission Control should be pre-installed. If you wish to install a different version, put the .apk on a USB stick and insert it into the USB type-A port on the top edge of the controller. The "Files" application will allow you to access the USB drive and install the APK on the system.

Software setup with AMC 1.18 or older

Follow the instructions in this section only if you are using AMC 1.18 or older versions. If you are using 1.19+ go to Software setup (AMC 1.19+).


Connect to Skynode via SSH and create the file /data/override.env with the following contents. Then reboot Skynode.

Configure the following environment variables in AuterionOS.


For instructions to perform a permanent configuration in AuterionOS see the page Modifying Environment Variables.

Software setup (AMC 1.19+)


Configure the following environment variable in AuterionOS to configure a static IPv4 address on the Ethernet port:


The page onModifying Environment Variables explains the procedure for temporary and permanent configuration changes.

Ground Station

From AMC, the Auterion connection manager can fully handle the radio setup:

  • Start Auterion Mission Control and accept the EULA if this is your first time booting the device

  • In the setup wizard, chose the option to use Connection manager. The USB-C cable is only for desktops and does not work with the remote. If you have skipped past the setup wizard or have previously connected to some vehicle, you can get to Connection Manager by clicking "Connect to vehicle" in the top bar.

  • Click on "Pair Vehicle"

  • Click on the settings wheel

  • From the drop-down, select "Siyi" and click "add". Default settings are fine.

  • Click "Apply Changes" and then wait until the state shows "Connected". Press on the "x" on the settings window to get back to the pairing sequence.

  • On this screen, Skynode will show up automatically as soon as it's powered on with the air module connected as described. Despite the instructions, do not press any pairing buttons on the radio or vehicle. Click on the "Pair" button in AMC when Skynode shows up.

  • You're ready to fly!


SIYI Radio Infrastructure

This controller is designed to send the stick inputs through a separate channel. Rather than sending MAVLink manual control messages, the stick inputs are encoded as S.BUS channels and sent directly to the FMU. This reduces latency on the pilot inputs, but adds the complexity of not being able to control a gimbal (because on the air side, a gimbal is a payload and needs to be managed from the mission computer, not the FMU)

Default IP addresses in this setup

DeviceIP Address

MK15 Air Unit

MK15 Remote Controller

MK15 Android System

Known issues

  • On each new boot and subsequent start of AMC, there is a pop-up asking to allow access to the CP2102. This is an issue within Android and cannot easily be solved on the AMC side.

  • Very rarely, the Ethernet interface of the Android system disables itself. If you suddenly cannot connect anymore, search the Android settings for "Ethernet" and check if it is still enabled.

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