System State API

Related C++ Header in the Auterion SDK:<auterion_sdk/system_state/system_state.hpp>

Auterion SDK provides an interface for subscribing to various states of the vehicle, such as the current position, attitude or battery status. These states can be queried by polling or by registering callbacks.

Available data

The following states are available through the system state API:

StateData type

Local Position


Global Position




Angular Rates




Home Position




VTOL State


Manual Input


Subscribing to system states

Instantiate an auterion::SystemState object, then specify the states to subscribe to.

auterion::SystemState system_state(sdk);
// Subscribe to the vehicle's local position, armed state and battery status

Each subscribed state will have an auterion::Subcription object associated with it. The SystemState class has accessor functions for each of the supported states, for example: system_state.localPosition(). These will be used to query the states and register callbacks.

Querying the latest state

Poll the latest state value by calling the last() function of the corresponding Subscription. The return type will depend on what state is being queried.

auterion::LocalPosition local_position = system_state.localPosition().last();

Note that last() will throw an exception if the state has not been subscribed to or if no data has been received for 500ms. To check that data is available and valid, use the isLastValid() function.

if (system_state.localPosition().isLastValid()) {
    auterion::LocalPosition local_position = system_state.localPosition().last();

Registering callbacks

When subscribing to a state, a callback can be provided that will run whenever new data is available.

auterion::SystemState system_state(sdk);
// Subscribe to the vehicle's local position, armed state and battery status,
// and register a callback for the armed state.
            .subscribeArmed([](bool is_armed) {
                std::cout << is_armed ? "Armed" : "Disarmed" << std::endl;

It is possible to register one or more callbacks after subscribing to a state with the onUpdate() method of the appropriate Subscription.

// Register an additional callback for the armed state
system_state.armed().onUpdate([](bool is_armed) {
    std::cout << "Armed? " << is_armed ? "yes" : "no" << std::endl;

// Register a callback for the battery state
system_state.battery().onUpdate([](auterion::BatteryStatus battery_status) {
    std::cout << "Battery voltage: " << battery_status.voltage_v << "V" << std::endl;

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