AMC 1.13


Please use the following version, or newer, of Auterion OS with this release of AMC:

New Features

  • Emergency Actions menu
  • Dashboard Wind indicator
  • Remaining Flight Time indicator
  • Android ESRI 3d Map

Improvements / Resolved Issues

  • Mission Planning constraints for VTOL/Vector vehicles
  • Vehicle constraints applied to downloaded missions
  • VTOL specific Take-Off/Landing/Flight improvements
  • Loiter Orientation Reset fix
  • Preflight Checks improvements
  • VTOL Path Prediction improvements
  • ActiveVehicle improvements
  • Unified text colors
  • Mission Item improvements
  • Vehicle Dashboard improvements
  • SafetyComponent improvements
  • HoldToConfirm button improvements
  • Disconnected Vehicle Mission Planning improvements
  • Vehicle Battery Indicator improvements
  • Joystick Action improvements
  • Terrain Collision improvements
  • Herelink photo icon improvement
  • Gimbal Mode UI improvement
  • Onscreen Keyboard improvement
Last modified 2mo ago