Native Docker Compose

Compose override allows the use of native docker compose directives

The auterion-app.yml file defines the configuration your app and all the API configurations. While most things can be achieved with officially specified APIs, in some cases deeper system access is necessary. For this case, we offer the compose override API.

App installation process

An AuterionOS app is a collection of docker containers, in general spawned by docker compose. The docker compose file is automatically created from the auterion-app.yml during installation of the app on the Skynode.

Customizing the docker-compose

In general, there should be no need to customize the generated docker-compose file. However, for certain use-cases, it might be necessary. In order to do that, you can add the following part to your auterion-app.yml file:

# ... auterion-app.yml file...
            # any docker-compose syntax is valid here

At the moment, all docker-compose properties are supported.

Some raw docker-compose overrides may become unavailable in future API versions, as we evolve the platform.


For example, you may have the need to access a certain device from /dev on the host in your app, as well as elevate your apps privileges to talk to that device. You could achieve that with:

                - /dev/my-device:/dev/my-device
                - 'c 188:* rmw'

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