Demonstrate that flight operations have been properly conducted

Exporting flight data for compliance is built right into the flight list. The CSV button in the top right corner will generate a CSV report of all data matching the current filters in the format of the displayed columns.

Tips for generating targeted reports

1. Select and order your columns

  1. Choose "Custom" from the column selector (first button in the toolbar)

  2. Select and order the custom display using the settings button at appears on the column selector

2. Filter by specific dates, pilots and vehicles

  • The default list includes flights from all time. Use the date filter to focus in.

  • Select a single vehicle or pilot for more focused reporting

3. Order by date or value

The sorting shown in the UI will be the same sorting used when downloading a report. You can pre-sort by a value such as distance or duration instead of requiring a user to sort the exported data later.

Download a report

Once the desired filters, sorting and columns have been set click the "CSV" button in the top right corner of the page to export a report.

All data matching the selection will immediately be exported for use outside of the system.

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