View and review all flights by the company's vehicles

Using the flight list

The flight list shows all of the flights for the company's vehicles. This is a paginated list that can be sorted and filtered using the controls at the top. While most of the data is straightforward, please take note of a few key items:

Log upload status

Two dots may appear next to the start time. A red dot is shown above.

  • No dot: Log upload has completed.

  • Blue dot: Log upload in progress.

  • Red dot: Log upload issue (timeout waiting for log data - about 10 minutes).

Log upload issues often occur when the vehicle is turned off immediately on landing before the log has had a chance to upload. Other common problems include: flying in areas with poor connectivity, unpaid data plans, loose wiring or other hardware issues.

Flight Status

The Flight Status is used to highlight any problems detected by flight analysis. Auterion Suite reports the following status values:

  • Healthy: Flight completed with no issues.

  • Warning: Flight completed successfully, but a non-critical issue was detected.

  • Critical: Flight terminated with a critical issue reported (it may have crashed).

The Fleet health indicator on the Dashboard reports all non-Critical flights as "Healthy".

Reviewing a flight

Flight Analysis can be opened by:

  1. Selecting a flight from the Flight List

  2. Selecting a flight from a vehicle's Flight List in the Vehicle Overview

This page will show all of the data associated with a flight. This includes:

  • High level summary information about the flight

  • The vehicle used for a flight

  • The operator that controlled the vehicle

  • Files, images, notes and logs that are attached to the flight

Flight logs

Flight logs are available for review on the Logs tab of the flight page. If you are using an Auterion-powered vehicle, flight logs will be automatically uploaded and will be available for review from this page.

A summary of all checks run is available for review, and deeper analysis can be accessed by clicking the "Open Analytics" button.

Flight Log Analytics

This page shows a complex analysis of all of the data collected during a flight. The page is continuously updated with new analysis tools and metrics as Auterion's data science team improves the algorithms.

Analyzed metrics will have a red, green or yellow icon in the corner. The icon means that that particular property (ex: roll) was analyzed. The color directly corresponds to a Pass, Warning or Failure.

For more information on a specific metric or to request a new metric, please contact us.

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