Photo Gallery

Photos menu provides a convenient way to view images from the vehicle. You can access it from the main left toolbar.

Images are continuously downloaded from the vehicle while it is connected and not deleted from the vehicle after download.

The gallery view displays a grid of thumbnail images for downloaded photos. Individual thumbnails can be to view the image in greater detail.

The gallery can be scrolled and images re-sized using the normal mechanisms for the ground station operating system (e.g. drag, pinch, etc.).

Select (short-press) a thumbnail to open the photo full-screen in the image viewer. Long-press any thumbnail to start multi-image selection, in preparation for deleting multiple images.

There are also buttons to open the operating system folders containing photos and videos.

Image Viewer

The image view displays a selected image full-screen.

Buttons are provided to view image metadata, open it in the default OS image viewer, and delete the file.



Close image viewer (return to gallery).


Delete image.

Open with external editor

Open image in the default image viewer for the operating system.

Show metadata

Open all the information about the picture.

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