Monitoring the Flight

Auterion Mission Control makes it easy to check that your vehicle is flying well, and doing what you expect.

This provide a high level view of the main tools for monitoring flight. More detailed reference can be found in: Fly View UI Overview.

Check High Level Status (Top bar)

Use the top bar to get a good understanding of vehicle state "at a glance". It displays: current vehicle and its high-level status, flight mode, armed/disarmed state, and indicators for: pairing, connectivity level, GPS, battery and remote control.

Review Notifications and Warnings

Mission Control displays important warnings in a highly visible popup. These let you know about unexpected behaviour and problems. Where possible the notification will also tell you the cause of the problem and any actions you need to take (unless they are obvious!)

Less important messages (and any warnings that may have missed) are logged, can be viewed by selecting the the vehicle icon.

Check Flight Stats/Telemetry information

Use the Telemetry Panel (bottom right) to get information about the current flight: vehicle speed, altitude, direction of travel, total flight time and distances, and time to get back to the ground station etc. \

Check Flight Path and Destinations (Map)

Use the map to see where you are, where you've been, and confirm that you're going to where you planned.

The map shows your home position, the current vehicle position and where it is facing. If you have a mission or destination (e.g. goto or orbit) it will show those too, and overlay the historical flight path.

You can pan and zoom the map as needed to get a better view (using the normal methods for your ground station - e.g. mouse, or pinch/drag).

View the Video Feed (Video Switcher)

Use the video switcher to watch where you're flying. You can toggle the video switcher to swap the video and map or resize the panel using drag'n'drop on the corner.

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