The controller menu is accessible from the main left toolbar.


The Radio Setup screen is used to configure the mapping of your RC controller's main attitude control sticks (roll, pitch, yaw, throttle) to channels, and to calibrate the minimum, maximum, trim and reverse settings for all other transmitter controls/RC channels.

The calibration process is straightforward - you will be asked to move the sticks in a specific pattern that is shown on the transmitter diagram on the top right of the screen.

  • Roll: The rotation of the drone along the x-axis.

  • Pitch: The forward and backward motion of the drone.

  • Yaw: The drone spins on the Z-axis to face a direction.

  • Throttle: The throttle controls the vertical up and down motion.

Additional radio setup

As well as calibrating your control sticks and other transmitter controls, there are a number of additional radio setup options that you may find useful on this screen.

Spektrum Bind: Before you can calibrate the radio system the receiver and transmitter must be connected/bound. If you have a Spektrum receiver you can put it in bind mode.



AUX Passthrough channel

AUX passthrough channels allow you to control arbitrary optional hardware from your transmitter (for example, a gripper).

PARAM tuning channel

Tuning channels allow you to map a transmitter tuning knob to a parameter (so that you can dynamically modify a parameter from your transmitter).

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