Plan UI Overview

This section provides an overview of the planning user interface (in particular those parts that are common to all types of plans).

The plan view is organized in the following sections:

Interacting with the plan view

On touch screen devices, navigating the plan view is possible by using common gestures such as Tap, Pinch and Zoom.

Zoom in and out

As in the fly view, the bottom left of the map includes a scale marker and on-screen buttons for zooming the map in/out.

For GCSs with small screens, the map area in view can be increased by collapsing the Mission bar located on the left by tapping on the tiny arrow.

Plan Tools - Sidebar

The Plan Tools provides quick actions for working with plans, including adding waypoints, inserting survey/structure scan patterns, saving/loading/uploading/downloading plans etc. Some of the options are only displayed when working on a particular type of plan.

Further details can be found in the Plan Tools section.

Mission editor

The mission editor on the right side allows the operator to further adjust mission settings such as speed, waypoints altitude and end of mission action.

Terrain visualization

The terrain visualization is used to verify that waypoints are all set above ground level.

This plot will show the terrain profile and verify that the mission is planned at the right altitude to avoid any collision.

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