Mission Section

Waypoint Mission Editor

This section of the Mission Editor allows you to further adjust waypoint settings one-by-one.

Waypoints are created by selecting the desired location(s) on the map when the Plan Tools > Waypoint button is selected. Item positions may be changed by drag/drop on the map, and the altitude is changed in the associated editor. Waypoints can be moved but not created when the Waypoint button is toggled off. The front of the vehicle will yaw towards the next waypoint (by default).

Changing any values may not be necessary, as settings are retained from the previous waypoint.

Waypoint items specify locations (position and altitude) on the vehicle path, along with optional camera settings for the following segment of travel. They are connected on the path by lines to previous and next waypoints. The current waypoint is highlighted on the map in green and its editor is expanded in the mission list.

Camera Panel

The Camera Panel specifies camera action/triggering and gimbal positioning from the current waypoint until the next waypoint (the next waypoint continues the camera action by default).

Point of Interest (POI) Mission Item

An POI item defines a location (position and altitude) that the camera will track.

An POI mission item is created by clicking on the map when the Plan Tools > POI button is enabled. The item position can be changed by drag/drop on the map, while the altitude is set in the editor.

The camera will track the point from the preceding waypoint destination until a Cancel POI Mission Item is added to the mission or the mission ends.

Cancel POI Mission Item

A Cancel POI item is created by selecting the button: Plan Tools > Cancel POI (the button is available if a POI is enabled). The new item is added alongside the current mission item.

The Cancel POI Editor doesn't provide other specific settings.

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