Vehicle overview menu

The quick vehicle menu provides operators an easy way to access the pre-flight checks, a vehicle overview with critical notifications, safety settings, cloud features and other functionalities. The Active Task sub-page also offers insights into tasks running on the Skynode onboard computer. This provides valuable visibility during operations. For example, users can monitor the synchronization status of their imagery to the Auterion Suite.

Vehicle Overview page

  • Notifications: provides in-flight information for pilots. A more detailed log is uploaded to Auterion Suite for analysis.

  • Sensors: you can calibrate your sensors and see the status of the sensors.

  • Remote ID: you can have an overview of the Remote ID status.

  • Connectivity: you can see the LTE and WIFI status.

  • Active tasks: an interface that allows you to see the ongoing activities.

Preflight checklist

The Pre-Flight Checklist should be run before every flight to verify that the vehicle and planned flight path are safe to fly.


Under the safety menu, you can set up your own safety settings.

Cloud Page

Configure the Auterion Suite settings under the Cloud tab. The Cloud tab is only available in the quick vehicle menu if you have an internet connection. The vehicle cloud functionality is turned on by default.


You can find all the information about your software version.

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