Survey Patterns

Different patterns can be used to insert surveys and scans into a mission plan. Patterns provide a much easier and more flexible approach for defining a survey/scan than manually specifying a flight path and camera triggering using individual waypoints.

Surveys/scans provide a simpler and more flexible way to define a survey over an arbitrary region than manually adding waypoints.

The tools are accessed from the Plan Toolbar as shown.

After an option is selected, a basic pattern of the selected type is added to the map and to the mission editor. This can be edited to the desired shape:



A survey pattern that captures an arbitrarily complex polygonal region. This allows you to specify the polygon, grid and camera settings appropriate for creating geotagged images.

A survey pattern that follows a poly-line (for example, to survey a road).

A survey pattern that captures images over vertical surfaces (polygonal or circular). Typically used for the visual inspection or creation of 3D models of structures.

Not available for fixed-wing vehicles (i.e. any vehicle that cannot hover).

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