The Settings menu is accessible from the main left toolbar. This section describes a subset of the available settings; those that pilots might need to adjust.

General settings

The general settings (Settings > General Settings) are the main place for application-level configuration. Settable values include: display units, Miscellaneous, Fly view settings, Plan view settings, storage and auto-connect manager. Values are settable even if no vehicle is connected. Settings that require a vehicle restart are indicated in the UI.

Comm Links

Comm Links allows you to manually create communication links and connect to them. You can add a new Comm Link by clicking on the Add button.

Offline Maps

Allows you to cache maps for use while you have no Internet connection.

Map & Terrain

In the Maps & Terrain tab you'll find three submenus:

  • Third Party Licensing: Add your personal access token for maps.

  • Imagery: Customize your map provider, and map type and set a custom imagery.

  • Terrain: Choose an elevation provider.

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