Mission Menu

Missions managed from the Suite can automatically be uploaded to your vehicles in the field. This means your vehicle can access missions from the Suite when there's an internet connection.

Save and Delete Mission

Find the delete and save buttons positioned in the top right and bottom right corners of the Plan View.

Edit Missions

With the Edit button, you can:

  • Cancel action

  • Upload mission to the Cloud

  • Export missions from your PC

  • Delete Missions

With the blue Load button, you can load the selected mission to the map

With the Import button, you can import files to the Mission menu

Recent Missions Tab

This tab gives an overview of the latest missions. You can load the missions to the map from here.

Use the edit button to upload missions to the Cloud or export them from your laptop.

Missions Manager Tab

Manage bulk mission uploads and deletions, with filtering options

Getting Started

To enable Could Sync with Auterion Suite:

  1. Switch to Advanced mode in AMC (click the AMC logo on the left top corner five times)

  2. Navigate to the general settings under the Plan view

  3. Under the Plan View, you'll find the option to Enable Mission Cloud Sync

  1. Log into your User account

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