Pre-Flight Checklist

The PreFlight Checklist should be run before every flight to verify that the vehicle and planned flight path are safe to fly.

Auterion Suite records checklist results as a measure of pilot compliance. The checklist should be enabled by default (but may not be on all ground stations).

Depending on the ground station configuration, the takeoff button may be disabled until the checklist is completed.


The checklist consists of a number of basic sanity tests that confirm the vehicle is ready and safe to fly, and that the planned flight is also safe. Some of the tests are automatic, while others are manual and must be marked as passed by the user (for example, sensor calibration and GPS lock are automatic tests, while checking that batteries are firmly attached is a manual check).

The checklist is grouped into separate sections. All tests in a section must pass before you can start the next section.

The checks vary based on vehicle type and configuration.

Using the Checklist

To use the checklist:

  1. Click on the Vehicle button in the top bar (a vehicle must be connected).


  2. You'll see the vehicle overview menu, then on the bottom submenus click on the Preflight checklist.

  1. Click on the Preflight checklist and you'll find the checklist separated by sections

  1. The checklist is complete when all the tests in the final section are green.

  2. You're ready to fly!

You can exit the checklist at any time by selecting outside of its boundary and reset it by clicking the button next to the Preflight checklist.

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