Flying a Mission

Fly View helps you fly and monitor autonomous missions.

Auterion Mission Control will automatically prompt you to start, continue or resume a loaded mission, and you can also use the actions button at the toolbar to choose any actions that are appropriate for the vehicle state (e.g. to start, pause, or continue a mission). You can also set any waypoint as the current target by selecting it on the map and then using the confirmation slider.

If you have a mission loaded but you want to fly manually, you can cancel the prompts and get them back later using the actions button. To stop the prompts altogether you will need to clear the mission from the vehicle (use Plan View > File/Sync tools to clear the mission).

Start Mission

If your vehicle is landed and has a mission loaded, you'll be prompted to start the mission as soon as you connect. Use the hold to confirm button to start the mission.

The drone will arm, takeoff and start the mission without you doing anything else. It is that easy! You can monitor the progress on the map and using the telemetry instrumentation provided.

Pause and Continue Mission

Pause a mission by selecting the Pause button on the toolbar and then using the slider on the confirmation prompt. The altitude at which the vehicle should wait when paused may be set using the vertical slider on the right hand side of the screen.

Goto Location in Mission

You can pause a running mission and go to a manually selected target destination in one step. Simply select the target location on the map to a Go here item, and then use the slider to confirm the operation.

The mission can be continued/restarted at any point using the fly toolbar Action button followed by the Continue Mission prompt.

Set the Current Waypoint

You can jump to any waypoint by selecting it on the map and then acknowledging the prompt. The selected waypoint will then change colour.

Changing the current waypoint does not change the vehicle mission execution state. If it is paused it will still be paused, if it is running it will continue to run (but with a new current waypoint).

Resume Mission (Battery Swap)

Mission Control also supports workflows that rely on a vehicle landing to recharge batteries mid-mission. In this case, you'll be offered the option to resume the mission from the immediately previous waypoint before taking off.

Resuming a mission is quite different from continuing a mission! For more information see the QGroundControl documentation.

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