Rally Points

Rally points are alternative safe landing/waiting destinations for a vehicle in Return mode. A vehicle will typically fly to the closest rally point or home (precise return behavior depends on vehicle configuration).

Rally points are helpful if the takeoff point ("home location") is not a safe place for landing, or when a vehicle may not have sufficient power to return home.

Rally points are shown on the map as a circle containing the letter R. The orange circle indicates the selected rally point (which can be edited or deleted in the Rally Point Editor panel on the right.).

The points are created in Plan View, and uploaded to the vehicle along with mission plans and geofence definitions.

Create Rally Points

To create Rally Points:

  1. Open the Plan View and select the Rally button above the editor on the right.

  2. Select/Enable the Rally Point tool\

  3. Select the map location where a rally point is to be added. A new point will be added to the map as an orange circle containing the text R.

  4. If needed, use the Rally Point Editor on the right-hand side to specify a precise latitude, longitude and altitude.

  5. Add as many points as needed.

  6. When finished, press the Upload button to save the points to the vehicle.

Select/Edit/Delete Rally Points

Existing rally points can be selected on the map and then moved using drag-and-drop. Once selected, a rally point can also be edited or deleted in the Rally Point Editor.

Rally points can only be created if the Rally Point tool is enabled. Existing rally points can be selected at any time.

Rally Point Plan UI Overview

Upload Button

Rally points are saved to the vehicle using the Upload button (along with any mission and geofence definitions).

Rally Point Plan Tools

The tools that are displayed when planning rally points are described below (for information about all plan tools see Plan UI Overview).




File operations (create, save or load plan) and sync operations (upload/download plan from vehicle, clear plan on vehicle).

Rally Point

Select to enable adding new rally points to the map.

Center map on mission, home, vehicle, all items, or specified location.

Rally Point Editor

The rally point editor can be used to modify or delete the selected rally point. The selected rally point is displayed in green on the map (newly created rally points are automatically selected, or choose a rally point on the map to select it).

The editor fields are listed below.




Longitude of selected rally point.


Latitude of selected rally point.


Altitude of selected rally point (relative to home location).

The rally point is deleted by tapping the bin icon.

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