Flight Map

Map Markers/Icons





Home location. This is location where vehicle first gets acceptable position lock. Usually this is the arming location/takeoff point.


Waypoint is an advanced flight planning option that allows to create flight paths and execute them automatically.


Orbit map-action target (center of planned orbit).

Go here

Goto map-action target location.

Position mode POI target location.

Flight Path and Vehicle's direction

The map shows the vehicle current position, home position, the direction it is facing (which may be different from where it is heading). It also shows the recent flight path (in red) and the expected path if one is defined (e.g. a goto or orbit destination, or the mission path).

Map Grid (MGRS)

It is possible to enable MGRS coordinates overlay by toggling the checkbox available in Settings > General > Fly View > Display MGRS coordinates.

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