Connection manager

Connecting vehicles

The top bar is used to monitor high-level vehicle states and modes and to set the current vehicle, mode, and armed state.

You can find the connection manager icon on the left side here.

Auterion Mission Control connects to vehicles over a telemetry radio in order to receive vehicle information, upload/download missions, and to send flight commands. For some radios, the same connection is also used for receiving video from the vehicle.

The Pairing Manager is used to manage telemetry connections for the advanced radios recommended by Auterion. The pairing manager is used to first pair (associate) ground control and vehicle based radio modules. Paired vehicle can subsequently be connected when needed.

To pair and connect a vehicle:

  1. Switch to Fly View (this is the default view, or it can be accessed from the menu).

  2. Select the Connect to Vehicle icon in the Fly View top status bar.

  1. If no vehicles have previously been paired this will launch the pairing dialog. To pair a vehicle press the vehicle pairing button on the vehicle 3 times to put the vehicle into pairing mode (by default the pairing button is the safety switch on the GPS). You can also connect it with a USB-C cable.

  1. Once the vehicle is connected the following dialog will be displayed.

  1. To disconnect the vehicle click on the connection manager icon on the top bar and then disconnect your vehicle.

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