This page describes how to set up and configure the RTK F9P GPS sensor

Similarly to the USB camera, a GPS module should also work with no effort once plugged into the Pixhawk adapter board.

  1. Connect Skynode to the Pixhawk adapter board using the Primary/Secondary 40 pin molex cables. If you need to use both side of the board you have to connect both 40 pin connectors (Primary AND Secondary) to Skynode.

  1. Connect the GPS to the Pixhawk adapter board using the appropriate connector (GPS2/J23 for 6-pin GPS module or GPS1/J13 for a 11-pin one).

  1. Connect Skynode to AMC and power it up. If the GPS module has been correctly connected the LEDs on it should start blinking.\

  2. Make sure to be in a place where the GPS sensor would be able to connect to the GPS satellites. Once the connection with the satellites has been established the position on the map should update and the satellite icon on the top bar should become green. By clicking on the icon, you should be able to access the GPS Status window with the relative positional information.

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