AMC 1.8

Before installing the latest Android version of the Auterion Mission Control, uninstall and remove the old version.

New Features

  • Auterion Ground Station has been renamed to Auterion Mission Control
  • VTOL specific:
    • Dynamic trajectory visualisation during mission planning (VTOL only)
    • More VTOL landing patterns are supported
    • VTOL specific preflight checklist with active "check surfaces" activation test
    • Regions of Interest (ROI) now enabled for VTOLs
    • VTOL transition indicator
  • First login experience enhancements:
    • Prompt user on first time run to choose/confirm the used measurement units
    • Mandatory pilot login before using the application
    • Preflight Checklist can be made mandatory before arming
  • Enhancements in mission control:
    • Pause/edit/resume mission feature
    • Fly to arbitrary "goto" waypoint during the mission (without needing to pause)
    • Mission items are now visible when switching to geofence or rally mode
  • Obstacle avoidance UX enhancements:
    • Obstacle avoidance distance indicator visible in full-screen video view (if supported by vehicle)
    • Collision prevention/Obstacle avoidance health status indicator added (only if supported by vehicle)
  • General UI improvements
    • Enhanced mobile experience
    • Mission Start Editor: speed slider added
    • Top level drone health status indicator linked with preflight checklist and battery status
  • Video streaming improvements (quality and speed)
  • Use of spot metering to focus camera on specific point on the screen (only if supported by vehicle)
  • RTK Status indicator added
  • Update in photo gallery to include metadata

Improvements/Resolved issues

  • Fixed visualisation of large waypoint names
  • Various fixes for dual camera setup
  • Fixed map zoom level synchronisation between flight and plan view
  • Camera control improvements
  • RC input/Joystick checks are now included in the pre-flight checklist
  • Mission delete failure issue is resolved
  • UI scaling adjuster replaces font size control
  • Vehicle not ready status when starting mission after intermediate mission landing issue resolved
  • Polygon geofence: issue with adding vertices resolved
  • Total flight distance counter issue is resolved
  • Preflight Checklist: Test flight checklist now only enabled in developer mode