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AMC 1.18.3


Please use the following version, or newer, of Auterion OS with this release of AMC:

What's new

  • Follow mode: when a gimbal is in “Track” mode and the vehicle is in aerodynamic flight (VTOL/Fixed-Wing only) the vehicle can be put in “Follow” mode from the Flight Tools. The vehicle will loiter around the tracked object autonomously.

What improved

  • Application unit settings: notify pilot if app restart is required
  • Improve zoom level readability against white backgrounds
  • Don’t increase mission waypoint number when actions like camera commands are attached to a waypoint
  • Terrain collision checks aren’t run between waypoints that are more than 300km away in order to not overload computationally constrained ground control stations
  • Safety Tab: when a VTOL is connected expose low battery, datalink loss and high wind failsafe options
  • Inform pilot when onboard mission computer is low on RAM
  • In the altitude plot in Plan View, display the waypoint number on the plot
  • Fix Center Field of View altitude not updating with app vertical distance units
  • Fix Orbit altitude change after commanding a change in speed
  • Fix Orbit not becoming interactive when clicking the Orbit button when the vehicle is in the VTOL Takoeff orbit
  • Fix false positive terrain collision in mission planning VTOL Takeoff
  • PhotoGallery: limit photo requests in case of an error to avoid overloading the network
  • Disable AMC language setting
  • Flight modes: bring back Altitude flight mode for MCs and for VTOLs in Aero flight in AMC normal mode. This change enables the pilot to continue to fly in GPS denied scenarios
  • Expose Transition button in normal mode when the vehicle is in hover and the current flight mode is Hover. This change enables the pilot to execute a front transition without the need to switch into Advanced Mode
  • Add gimbal control sensitivity to gimbal virtual joystick
  • Notify pilot when magnetometer interferences are detected
  • Introduce telemetry logs rotation. Only the last 10 logs are saved.
  • AMC keeps track of the photo upload status
  • Fix Start Video/Stop Video/Toggle Video button assignment to actually start and stop video recording
  • Vehicle Safety Page: add missing parachute icon
  • Fix list of available flight modes not updating when switching into AMC Advanced mode
  • Fix application exit on USB disconnect when downloading logs
  • Automatically disable measuring tools when video is primary
  • In plan view, fix mission items editor automatic scroll up on every parameter change
  • Remove stale gimbal devices from AMC queue, otherwise gimbal commands were send to all the gimbals resulting in error message “Vehicle didn’t respond to command”
  • Fix frequent application exit on vehicle connect