AMC 1.17.10


Please use the following version, or newer, of Auterion OS with this release of AMC:

What improved

  • Default mavlink dialect to v2 instead of defaulting to v1 and switching to v2 as soon as the first v2 packet arrives
  • Improve photo gallery picture download reliability when pictures are taken with different ground control stations
  • Improve photo gallery usage by ordering pictures by filename, automatic scroll down to latest picture, added left/right arrows to navigate between pictures, increased tubnail size and improved buttons
  • Herelink: allow setting joystick deadband
  • VTOL: simplify left toolstrip by guiding the pilot to set the Approaches before taking off, incorporating altitude change command with Orbit/Figure 8 and removing GoTo action
  • Enable AMC logs by default. The last 10 log files are retained. In addition, a pop up will now notify the user when an unhandled exception was thrown and AMC will shut down.
  • Fix “Upload Required” button not availabel after editing a circular geofence
  • Fix plan view waypoint numbering out of sync between numbering on map and in the misison items dropdown when adding an action to an existing waypoint
  • Fix joystick handling such that it is link to the GCS and not the vehicle
Last modified 5mo ago