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AMC 1.15.0


Please use the following version, or newer, of Auterion OS with this release of AMC:

New Features

  • Added ability to set speed/airspeed from Fly View
  • Added terrain collision checks for Fly View Orbit flight mode
  • Added compass rose as possible alternative to the attitude indication/ level horizon indication
  • Added KML import independently from mission upload
  • Added ability to set markers on the map and to visualize them as an overlay on the video
  • Added ability to load custom elevation data in slippy map format with elevation encoded in the RGB channels of the png
  • Comp Info port from QGC
  • KML File Import

What improved

  • VTOL Takeoff mission item: enforce fixed distance between takeoff direction point and launch point
  • Removed Altitude flight mode from dropdown in AMC normal mode
  • Improvements to the altitude plot in the plan view
  • New telemetry dashboard UI
  • Measure Tools moved to PIP
  • Cannot clear VTOL SafeArea in-flight
  • Mission Planing altitude handling
  • Compass Rose improvements
  • Internal units selection workflow
  • Terrain Collision warnings
  • Reuse VTOL UI for FixedWing
  • Support mix of Metric & Imperial units
  • Mission Planning UI refactor

Bug fixes

  • Various fixes on VTOL Home Land Approaches
  • AMC Crashes on disconnect or exit
  • Loiter Time hangs AMC
  • AMC Payload updates
  • Minor UI fixes/updates
  • Guided Actions selection bug
  • Auterion OS upgrading via AMC
Last modified 8mo ago