APX4 1.4

New Features

  • New hover thrust estimator (HTE) for multirotors and VTOL planes
    • Continuous hover thrust self-tuning for improved flight performance and land detection of variable weight (e.g.cargo, multi-payload).
  • IST8310 magnetometer: add cross-axis compensation
  • Enable RC override during takeoff
  • VTOL improvements:
    • In the case of strong wind and while on back transition, the vehicle will head to the landing point instead of following the planned path
  • New parameter to enable/disable synthetic magnetometer Z measurement
  • Avoidance now available in loiter (HOLD mode). Enable avoidance to be used while doing a go-to action

Improvements/Resolved Issues

  • Improvements in RTL cone user experience.
    • The drone will land directly if it is over or very close to home position. The cone routine will be executed when closer than RTL_MIN_DIST to home.
  • Various fixes related to thrust during takeoff and landing
  • BMM150 mag: Fixed calibration
  • MAVLink : add check if the mission request ack is dropped during reconnection.
  • Improved various warning and errors reported to Auterion Mission Control and in the log file (e.g. battery warnings were changed from warning to info, except for the emergency level which is still a warning). This is to prevent spamming Auterion Suite with unnecessary warnings
  • Tiltrotor spinup: smoothly adapt spin up tilt to multicopter tilt
  • EKF2: Bug fix in the magnetometer bias calculation
  • Fix in AutoLineSmoothVel to avoid having discontinuities in velocity and/or acceleration
  • ECL: Fix yaw wrapping
  • Fix battery status UORB instances when you have more than one battery status
  • Fix GPS heading time jitter
  • VTOL:
    • Fix to be able to switch VTOL state even if no attitude setpoints are published
    • Fix rough backtransition in SITL for tiltrotor. End backtransition as soon as groundspeed is below threshold.
    • RTL behavior improvements. The vehicle will first descend before transition.
    • Front transition tracking & flyaway improvements:
      • Disable front transition for certain modes. Limit the user from being able to command transitions in unsupported modes.
      • Force front transition in straight line when necessary.
  • Fix gimbal usage issues for fixed wing and VTOL.
  • Lidar Lite orientation fix. Set default orientation to downwards facing.
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