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APX4 2.7.20


Please use the following Auterion Mission Control or newer with this version of APX4:

What's new

  • RTL behavior updated for VTOLs (with RTL_TYPE set to default, 1)
    • If a valid mission landing and valid safe area both exist
      • Before this update: the mission landing was executed.
      • After this update: the safe area is executed.
    • Why? – Safe areas have an easier in-air manipulation workflow, giving more flexibility to the operator during RTL.
  • Added a new option to SYS_FAC_CAL_MODE param to enable factory calibration for all sensors excluding magnetometer.
  • Exposed tilting time for the back transition of tilt-rotor VTOLs as parameter VT_BT_TILT_DUR and reduce the overall default back transition duration.

What improved

  • Smoothed yaw setpoint during forward transition for VTOLs.
  • Robustified VTOL transition to hover by extending unexpected altitude loss checks 5 seconds beyond transition completion.
  • Robustified VTOL RTL landing phase to strong wind driven approach offsets
  • Improved ADSB traffic warning management.
  • Fixed incorrect magnetometer rotation on v6x board config.
  • Fixed bug to ensure landing descent starts promptly on entering the home acceptance radius after VTOL transition to hover (during landing modes).
  • Fixed bug that put descent orbit center as position setpoint when an RTL is triggered for VTOL during a mission landing, when already in hover. Now correctly keeps landing position setpoint.