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APX4 2.2.0

New Features

  • Autotuning for Multirotors
  • Orbit mode in fixed wing (VTOL)
  • Custom action waypoints: add functionality to trigger custom actions at waypoints
  • Auto-detect mag orientation during calibration
  • Warn pilot if strong magnetic interference present at takeoff
  • VTOL flight path improvements for windy conditions
  • For long flights, estimate baro bias changes using GPS altitude


  • TECS rewrite for more robust fixed wing altitude/airspeed control
  • Airspeed estimation accuracy improvements
  • Dual GPS fallback logic added
  • DSM R/C input handling more robust
  • Manual control now also available during VTOL transition
  • Smooth yaw control enabled in orbit mode
  • Automatically move gimbal to neutral position after mission to prevent lens damage
  • If ESC telemetry available, check for motor stuck at arming


  • Fix 5s drift after stick release in position mode
  • Yaw setpoint changes during takeoff now correctly handled
  • Fix yaw-recovery in cases of high accel noise
  • Fix joystick initialization which could lead to false RC override triggering
Last modified 8mo ago