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APX4 2.1.1


Please ensure to use Auterion Mission Control v1.10.1 or newer:

New Features


  • Added support for flight mode switching through multiple toggle buttons.
  • Arming is now prevented if a smart-battery failure is detected and reported.
  • Now, in the case of strong magnetic interference, the pilot is warned and will still be able to arm the vehicle.

Bug fixes


  • After a mission, and on Landing mode, a gimbal camera lens would be facing down instead of being in a neutral position.
  • In Acceleration Manual control mode, there’s 5s drift when releasing sticks.
  • In Acceleration Manual control mode, drone flips on takeoff if moved after startup.
  • On S.BUS, RC glitches sometimes occur on signal regained.
  • Gyro dropouts sometimes occur due to parameter saving on disarm.
  • Battery warnings being seen even with the battery disconnected.


  • Estimator variance collapses in emergency yaw recovery.
Last modified 8mo ago