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AOS 1.4

Auterion OS 1.4 comes bundled with Auterion PX4 1.4:

Improvements and resolved issues

  • Update MAVSDK to solve time jumps during timesync between FMU and mission computer.
  • Improve MAVLink FTP functionality to copy files between the mission computer and the autopilot
  • Fix Microhard default settings
  • Fix Ethernet static IP for Microhard pairing manager. This prevents IP issues when the DHCP in the microhard is enabled
  • Various bug fixes in firmware flashing logic
  • Fix broken UVC pipeline in payload manager
  • Add MAVLink UDP endpoint for Auterion Mission Control over wifi access point on IMX8MM targets
  • Disable access point timeout on IMX8MM targets
  • Various pairing manager bug fixes
For the latest Auterion Enterprise PX4 version contact us: [email protected]