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AOS 2.4.1


Please ensure to use Auterion Mission Control v1.13 or newer:

What’s new

  • Workswell Wiris EO/IR camera support
  • Dual camera support (with UI improvements in AMC)
  • Skynode automatic repartition after update (increases root partition from 3 to 6GB)
  • ROS2+RTPS support with developer tools example code
  • New Auterion Onboard CLI to control applications and get information

What improved

  • Photo gallery - add option to delete photo on the vehicle from the AMC photo gallery
  • Payload - new payload priorities when using multiple cameras. This way the payload order in AMC will be consistent after reboots
  • add AUTOPILOT_MANAGER_ENABLED env variable to control if the autopilot-manager service should be enabled or not
  • move Nextvision driver from mavlink 1 to mavlink 2 (no setting change required on the camera side)

Bug fixes

  • Payload
    • Fix issue that introduced about 50 ms in the vehicle video pipeline
    • Fix issue with video recording in AMC with NextVision cameras
    • Fix issue with Trillium camera that lead to several seconds delay in the video stream
    • Fix: orientation indicator in AMC not working
  • Fix: collisions in the mavlink network
  • Fixed several bug fixes in the Skynode webpage and the API used
  • Fix: after installing a custom app with the auterion developer tools the release name would be overridden by the app name
  • LTE module:
    • Fix: LTE module uses previously set APN
    • Fix: LTE was not reset properly after an FMU update
    • Fix: corner case in waiting for LTE module bootup where LTE module was not detected as ready
Last modified 8mo ago