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AOS 2.2.0


This version of AuterionOS comes bundles with Auterion PX4 2.2:

New Features

  • New Auterion developer workflow
  • Microhard pairing preconfigured with skynode
  • Trillium HD40LV
    • Point of Interest support
    • Improvements for manual modes
    • Logging/detection improvements: Log software and hardware versions, detect when sightline tracking board is not connected
    • Send tracking status back to AMC to be displayed on the Fly view
    • Support for center gimbal command from AMC
  • Modem Configuration: automatically detect APN
  • Skynode Configuration/Developer Webpage:
    • expose more system information (performance, versions, partitions, network, etc)
    • button to generate diagnostic report
  • AuterionOS: split into development and production images
  • Option to fully disable Wifi or LTE using the Auterion Developer Workflow


  • Cloud Simulation: fix several video streaming stability and connectivity issues
  • Update mechanism: add custom application update support in local-updater
  • Sony A7R: several video stability improvements
  • Photo gallery: download photo preview when it is taken and then download the high resolution version only when the user selects the photo
  • Developer Workflow: new mavlink endpoints exposed for development
  • Pairing: show vehicle serial number to distinguish between multiple vehicles
  • Pairing: add new state to improve stability
  • New setting to enable internet routing over ethernet


  • Silvus Datalink:
    • solve issues where the stored configuration on skynode was not updated during pairing
    • fix how radio parameters are stored in the radio’s flash storage
  • Fix issue where Skynode’s SDCard was not properly mounted at boot causing the SDCard to get corrupted in a very specific condition
  • Trillium HD40LV: fix gimbal feedback to AMC. The gimbal orientation displayed in AMC had an offset in yaw
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