Application Settings

The Application Settings view is used to configure the settings that aren't specific to a particular vehicle: e.g. display language and units, comms links, console output.
This section describes just a subset of the available settings; those that pilots might need to adjust.
Pilots should rarely need to use the Application Settings as Auterion Mission Control is supplied pre-configured for use.
The general settings (Settings > General Settings) are the main place for application-level configuration. Settable values include: display units, autoconnection devices, video display and storage, RTK GPS, and other miscellaneous settings. Values are settable even if no vehicle is connected. Settings that require a vehicle restart are indicated in the UI.


Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS systems allow position measurements with centimeter-level accuracy.
RTK systems use the "Survey-In" process to accurately position the base station. The process takes measurements over time, leading to increasing position accuracy. Both the accuracy and observation time setting conditions must met for the Survey-in process to complete.
This section allows users to specify the survey in settings (desired accuracy and minimum survey-in time) or to simply enter a known position for the base station.
RTK GPS Settings
The survey-in time can be quite significant for high accuracy, so it makes sense to reuse base positions if at all possible!
After performing Survey-In once, you can select Use Specified Base Position and press Save Current Base Position to copy in the values for the last survey. The values will then persist until they are changed.
The settings are:
  • Perform Survey-In
    • Survey-in accuracy (U-blox only): The minimum position accuracy for the RTK Survey-In process to complete.
    • Minimum observation duration: The minimum time that will be taken for the RTK Survey-in process.
  • Use Specified Base Position
    • Base Position Latitude: Latitude of fixed RTK base station.
    • Base Position Longitude: Longitude of fixed RTK base station.
    • Base Position Alt (WGS94): Altitude of fixed RTK base station.
    • Base Position Accuracy: Accuracy of base station position information.
    • Save Current Base Position (button): Press to copy settings from the last Survey-In operation to the Use Specified Base Position fields above.