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Vehicle status indicator

Describing the vehicle status indicators on the top bar
High Level Status Indicator
The high level status indicator in the top left of the application bar provides immediate and highly visible color-coded notification of vehicle readiness to fly and in-air flight state.
The indicator also displays the current vehicle being controlled and text describing the status/problem. For VTOL vehicles (only) this may also display the mode: Fixed-wing/Multirotor.
If there are multiple vehicles it can be used to select between them.
The indicator states are listed below.
Vehicle is ready to arm and take off.
Vehicle is not ready to take off for a known reason:
  • System requires setup (e.g. compass calibration).
  • Active warning of condition preventing takeoff (e.g. no position lock, low battery).
The "reason" is displayed as indicator text.
Unknown fault preventing takeoff.
Top bar indicators
Menu / icon
App menu (navigate to Fly, Plan, Vehicle Setup, Photos, User Login, Application Settings).
High-level status of the current vehicle (colour and status description). Also used to select the current vehicle.
Display the current flight mode. Select to enable a manual flight mode.
Connection manager
Pairing status.
Armed/Disarmed State
Display/select the armed state. The states are Armed (motors spinning), Disarmed. (motors stopped), Emergency Stop (motors stopped in flight, potentially causing the drone to crash).
GPS Status
GPS count, lock, HDOP, VDOP, Course over ground.
Link Quality
The bars represent the signal strength. The higher the count of lines the stronger the signal is.
Cellular Indicator
Status, Signal Strength, Up and Downlink rate.
Battery Status
Battery capacity remaining (percentage). For multiple batteries, the capacity of the battery that has the lowest percentage.