Auterion for Manufacturers
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Software Deployment in Suite

Auterion has software and hardware prepared to assist in every stage of the manufacturing processes. Our workflows are designed to make it easy to verify the Skynode platform and then assist all the way through to the sale and configuration in the customer's hands.
Auterion provides a set of manufacturing scripts that will automatically test and record the new vehicle in the Auterion Suite. For more advanced integrations or specific manufacturing needs, direct API access is also available.

Auterion-enabled Workflow

  1. 1.
    Manufacturer Registration
  2. 2.
    Prototyping, R&D and Product Development
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
    Unlocking for Sale
  5. 5.
    Customer Registration

Step 1: Manufacturer Registration

To start using the manufacturer APIs and manufacturer tooling, your Auterion Suite account must be upgraded to a manufacturing account. To learn more or begin this process, please reach out for more information on our Drone Manufacturing page.

Step 2: Prototyping, R&D and Product Development

Auterion-enabled devices can automatically upload flight logs for analysis. During the development phase, this means that flight parameters and logs can be uploaded and viewed immediately though the "Flight" page and all flight tests can easily be tracked for review.

Step 3: Manufacturing

For Skynode-powered devices, Auterion provides a set of manufacturing scripts that run automated tests of the hardware and software. These manufacturing scripts allow immediate verification of Skynode platform.
Once verification is complete the new device can be automatically created in the Auterion Suite.
What is Suite vehicle creation?
Vehicle creation is the process of recording the newly manufactured vehicle in the Suite. This process includes associating the manufacturer serial number, Skynode serial number, and the model of the vehicle together.
This association will create a new vehicle record that a customer can later register and use in the Auterion Suite.

Step 4: Unlocking for Sale

When a vehicle has finished production and is ready to be sold, it must be unlocked for transfer. A vehicle can be unlocked from the vehicle list, or directly through the Cloud SDK.
No vehicles can be claimed and transferred without first being unlocked. This final step is designed to protect the vehicles and your future customers from incorrect association or registration.

Step 5: Customer registration

The customer will then receive their new vehicle. They can use the quickstart to automatically detect and register their new vehicle. With registration, the vehicle will transfer into the customer's account from the manufacturing account, and the customer can then use and manage their new vehicle.